I'm Jason. I'm vegan. I'm 21. I'm very cool (trust me). I've earned over 1 million grains of rice on free rice (U should too).

This would be a cool project.

Like record your own cassette, and print your own sticker for it.

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I will never not laugh at this


I will never not laugh at this

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I went to the MCA in Chicago yesterday with my family and my brothers matched these paintings and then this happened.

Accidental performance art: priceless

i love this

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SciShow shirts for sale! We haven’t released any new SciShow merch in a very, very long time. But now, you can get this fancy schmancy sleek and super cool SciShow logo shirt. It’s printed on a nice, soft black tee. These are available for preorder now and will ship some time near the end of October.


Three 16 Year Old Girls Win Top Prize At Google Science Fair For Agricultural Research

The Grand Prize went to a team of three 16-year-old girls from Ireland: Ciara Judge, Émer Hickey, and Sophie Healy-Thow. Their project, “Combating The Global Food Crisis: Diazotroph Bacteria As A Cereal Crop Growth Promoter,” explored different bacterial strains that could shorten the germination time of cereal crops like oats and barley. Growing food is becoming monumentally important, as climate change threatens food crops, and the increasing global population is becoming incredibly demanding.”

Learn more from IFLScience!

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I wish I could find my Fry.

Best love story.

Reminds me of a strange dream I had when I was really young.

My mom had turned into a cooked chicken, and Sarah from Ed, Edd, and Eddy was trying to eat her. My mom was like “It doesn’t matter. Let her eat me. You can’t love a chicken anyway.” It was really emotional at the time.

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